Service Consultant – Welwitschia Insurance Brokers

Responsible for administration and client service of Personal policies

Principle accountabilities

1.  Endorsements

  • Accurate and timely processing on insurer systems or notify insurer of client instruction
  • Activate Endorsement process in iserve and follow through on all activities
  • Where client instruction was sent to insurer, diarize and follow up in terms of SLA
  • Check endorsement schedule for correctness against client instruction
  • Communicate endorsement schedule to client
  • Attach endorsement schedule to the Policy entity in iServe
  • Ensure that risks are underwritten correctly as per the underwriting criteria of the insurers

2.  Renewals

  • Draw/Request renewals lists from insurer system 2 months before renewal date or when available
  • Draw iServe renewal list 2 months before renewal date and compare with insurer list
  • Check renewal terms against in-force policy
  • Do market exercise where relevant and submit to direct supervisor
  • Activate renewals process in iServe and follow through on all activities
  • Capture client instructions on insurer system
  • Obtain revised renewal schedule and check against instructions for correction
  • Communicate renewal schedule to client
  • Attach renewal schedule in serve

3.  New Business

  • Provide client quotations in line with agreed underwriting criteria
  • Obtain client quotations from insurer systems
  • Process lead and quotation in iServe
  • Accurately and timely process of proposal in line with prescribed procedure
  • Make sure that all proposals are FIA compliant
  • Timely capture new business on insurer system or send terms to issue policy
  • Check new business schedule against client instruction
  • Ensure that debit order details are correct
  • For annual policies, issue premium request for payment
  • Communicate new policy schedule to client
  • Update new client and policy entity in iServe and ensure correct premium and commission calculation

4.  Unpaid Debit Orders & Cancellations

  • On receipt of a cancellation instruction, immediately follow up to retain the client
  • On receipt of unpaid debit order notifications, contact client for alternative arrangements
  • Activate cancellation endorsement process in iServe
  • Complete cancellation checklist
  • Communicate cancellation notification to client
  • Send cancellation notification to financial institution
  • Follow up on possible refunds and ensure that it is duly processed
  • Complete cancellation endorsement in iServe
  • De-activate client in serve
  • Report on reasons for all cancellations

5.  Client Queries and Complaints

  • Assist and advise clients on enquiries and complaints
  • Inform immediate supervisor of any client complaint that might have a reputational impact for the company
  • Make notes in iServe regarding client complaints
  • Communicate client suggestions on service improvement to the Client Relations Consultant

6.  Accounting

  • Assist with account queries from clients, insurers and Finance department;
    • Liaise with Finance department as and when needed;
    • Prepare annual premium refunds;
    • Give timely feedback on monthly exception reports;
  • Follow-up on annual premiums to ensure prompt payment.

7.  Other Duties

  • Process policy amendments following settled claims.
  • Provide cover letters to dealers and clients
  • Continuously give your input on how to improve processes to be more effective

8.  General

  • Keep comprehensive notes in iServe
  • Accurately scan and upload client correspondence in iServe
  • Always apply the prescribed processes in iServe
  • Assist direct supervisor with any relief or other duties as and when required
  • Live the Brand-, Business- and Personal Service Values of the company
  • Apply the Client Service Charter
  • Apply the Differentiated Service Model through all functions
  • Always comply with company policies and relevant laws

Core Competencies

  • Working with People
  • Adhering to principles & values
  • Presenting and Communicating Information
  • Analysing
  • Planning and Organising
  • Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations
  • Following Instructions and Procedures
  • Cross functional awareness
  • Ability to embrace Cultural Diversity
  • Assertiveness
  • Ability to Prioritize
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to work under pressure

Experience, Knowledge and Skills

  • 3 Years short-term insurance related experience.
  • MS Word, Outlook and Excel
  • Proficiency in English
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Ability to resolve disputes, complaints and conflicts
  • Good communication skills
  • Be well versed in the relevant policy wordings
  • Working knowledge of relevant insurer system
  • Advanced knowledge of iserve


  • Grade 12 (25 points)
  • Introductory Programme in Short-Term Insurance