Reservationist or Reservations Manager

Are you the best reservationist or reservations manager in Namibia?

rainmaker, as the Agency for Google in Namibia assists its customers with a holistic approach to market their products and services. Be it Lodges, Guest Farms, Hotels or Tour Operators.

The VISTA Tourism Network is the most advanced platform to enable the Namibia Tourism Industry creating competitive advantages against foreign players.

We are only looking for the very best. We apply similar requirements to our team members than Google does.

If you believe you are the best reservationist or reservations manager, you are open minded, like innovation and dynamics, are happy to change when our customers and the market ask for change, you should apply now.

We don’t care about your school or any other academic qualification. But we do care about your attitude, personality, character and business ethics.

We also do care about your work experience. You should be in this business for at least 5 years. You should have been working in Lodges or Hotels to understand our customers language.

Apply now by eMail to: